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Welcome To Forsaken Ware! This is a blog that focuses on mobile gaming, particularly for smart phones. My name is Michael Levy, a smart phone enthusiast. I love reviewing smart phones, tinkering with them and rooting/building custom ROMS for Android. When I’m not doing any reviews, tinkering and the like, I play mobile games and most of the time, after playing them, I’ll write my thoughts about it here.

This website was conceived so that I can help other people looking for new mobile games to play. As you can see, though mobile games can’t match the glorious graphics and physics of PC and Console games, mobile games can be played anytime, anywhere you are which makes them a great past time. This will provide you with a way to pass time when you are waiting in a long line, while waiting for someone or while taking a p**p.

Anyways, the aim of this website is to help people find new mobile games to play. I will cover all mobile devices, from Android, Apple and Microsoft. I will also cover a lot of handsets from Samsung, ASUS and iPhone.

In addition to that, I will also write game reviews to help people to decide whether they would play a game, especially a paid one. I will also compile the best of something to separate the best from the best.

That’s all about it. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing my website and I hope that you can find your next mobile game to kill time.

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