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Because of the rise of mobile devices and smart phones, mobile gaming is starting to rise. However, we all know that mobile games aren’t on par with their other counterparts. But with the improvement in technology and the latest hardware, newer games with more challenging and unique gameplay are being developed every day. After all, mobile devices are portable and you can play mobile games anytime, anywhere you are. Plus, unlike Gameboys, PSP and the like, a mobile phone can also be used as a communication device, internet browsing and more.

Android games have grown quite addicting and challenging than before. Many android games are so addicting, you can’t stop yourself from playing. Among those kinds of games are incremental or clicker games.

What Are Clicker or Incremental Games

It’s just a simple game. Tap to defeat a monster, tap to collect gems, tap to collect gold, tap to level up, and tap to explore a dungeon. Pretty straightforward, no? No, you don’t navigate a map, walk, drag and drop. You do one thing and that is to tap. If you’re tired of tapping, you can just watch as the magic happens, though most games require interactive tapping to open a box or upgrade your character. That’s the reason why they are called “incremental” or “clicker games”. Actually, there’s one more word for it: “idle games”.

Sounds boring no? That’s what I also thought when I first heard them, until I tried one game that almost took over my life.

List of Clicker/Incremental/Idle Games

  • Cow Evolution – this is the first idle/clicker game that I played on my android device. It was recommended by my cousin and he told me this: “Hear ye, my brethren! I present to you a diversion never before laid to hands of both of us until recently. This diversion, I thought nonsensical, not until I watched falling boxes from the sky, inside are cows waiting for me to befall upon them the wonder of evolution.” The rest is history.
  • Tap titans – this one brings additional adrenaline rush for players. You’ll have to build your way up to higher floors and “reincarnate” your character once a level becomes too hard to handle. Each time to “reincarnate”, you grow more powerful and you can reach farther levels.
  • A Dark Room – this one is quite creepy. You’ll begin by feeding fire with your stock of wood. Then, gather your courage and venture into the dark forest. This one will let your imaginations run wild! A great way to play in the dark.
  • Widget RPG – This one is your typical RPG game where you need to collect loots, fight monsters to gain xp, level up and distribute your points to your attributes well and more. However, you don’t see any action at all. Until you open the app itself.

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