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Dedicated Server for Developing Mobile Games

If you want to develop mobile games, you’re going to need a powerful computer to make sure that your development process goes smooth. With that in mind, you must have an understanding of the basic concepts of a dedicated server or computer to make sure that you can create a compatible and excellent dedicated server […]

Wierdest Mobile Games

There are weird things out there, creepy and bizarre things that the mind of a sane individual can’t even explain at all. From extraterrestrial apparitions, to ghosts up to unexplained phenomena, there are weird and bizarre things that we can’t even explain. Most of the time, weird things are often creepy and disgusting. It can […]

Android Incremental Games

Because of the rise of mobile devices and smart phones, mobile gaming is starting to rise. However, we all know that mobile games aren’t on par with their other counterparts. But with the improvement in technology and the latest hardware, newer games with more challenging and unique gameplay are being developed every day. After all, […]