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Dedicated Server for Developing Mobile Games

If you want to develop mobile games, you’re going to need a powerful computer to make sure that your development process goes smooth. With that in mind, you must have an understanding of the basic concepts of a dedicated server or computer to make sure that you can create a compatible and excellent dedicated server or computer for your mobile development.

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When choosing a dedicated server for your mobile development venture, make sure that you understand your target platform in order to choose the right server components for your project. If you are going to develop Apple based mobile games, then you have to get Apple based hardware, which should be pretty easy to accomplish. Just choose the right specifications and you’re good to go.

However, if you are going to develop mobile games for Android and Windows phones, then a PC that is custom built is all you need and it can be a bit complicated to do as you need to choose the right components to make sure that your dedicated machine can handle development, programming, debugging and graphics processing.

Lastly, if you are going to be a cross platform developer, you will need to build both: PC and MAC computers. This article will cover PC users as they can customize their build from every last bit.

Building a Windows/Linux Based Dedicated Server for Mobile Game Development

If you are going to create a Windows or Linux based dedicated server for mobile game development, then you have to understand that you will need to procure the important parts of your dedicated machine. Some of the things that you will need to cover are the following: CPU, RAM, motherboard, monitor and Graphics Card. They are the core components important in creating a development server for Mobile Games. We will run a short step by step guide to help you understand these parts and help you build your system.


A quad core CPU is recommended. More cores and more clock speed, the better as it will be able to compile code faster and emulate mobile operating systems better.


At least 8 GB of RAM to keep the system responsive, especially when debugging, testing, emulating and compiling code. Also, take note of the speed in which is typically 1066, 1600, 1866 and 2400, etc. The faster, the better.


You have to make sure that your motherboard is compatible with your CPU and RAM, or else, everything simply won’t work.

Graphics Card

This is another important part of mobile game development. You must choose a high performance graphics card that will be able to handle high loads of graphics processing. Try to choose a graphics card with a DDR5 memory so that it can process everything faster and better. This will allow you to handle more graphics processing power.


A better monitor, preferably with a higher resolution will allow you to multitask easier, better and faster. In addition to that, you can have a wider screen to fit more things in a single screen, thereby increasing your productivity.

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